2020 WAEYC Governing Board

President: Lisa Neumann
President Elect: Keri Krout 
Vice President: Brenda Boyd
Past President: Michael Koetje
Secretary: Nancy Spurgeon 
Treasurer: Darlene Cook - Interim Position 
Membership Chair: Kim Theide
Member-At-Large: Mike Browne

WAEYC Organization Manager: Amanda Cardwell
Lisa Neumann 
WAEYC President 
Keri Krout
WAEYC President Elect
Brenda Boyd
WAEYC Vice President 
Michael Koetje
WAEYC Past President 

        I am the District Director of Child Development Programs at Pierce College. I started in my position on January of 2007 and am retiring in June. 

       I am a husband, father of three daughters and a grandfather to Jannah Rose, Sienna Mae and Penelope Rose. I live with my wife of 32 years on Vashon Island. 

       I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the State University of New York-Oswego and have worked in ECE leadership roles for over 45 years. I completed my Masters in Organizational Leadership at Chapman University in 2010. 

       One of the things that I really like doing is presenting at conferences, and I thoroughly enjoy working with, coaching and mentoring adults. I believe that children (and adults) have enormous potential and capability and that we must give them the same trust, patience, respect and dignity that we would offer anyone embarking on an important and serious educational journey. We, as adults must work in partnership—parents, teachers and community, coming together to support children.

       (My caricature is by Jannah Rose at age 4 and I really do have very little hair, big ears and a unibrow)!

Nancy Spurgeon 
WAEYC Secretary 
Kim Thiede
WAEYC Membership Co-Chair 

My name is Kim Thiede. I have lived in Tacoma Washington for 15 years with my husband and three daughters. I have both worked in the early childhood field and have been a member of NAEYC for almost 10 years. I currently hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and I am pursuing a Masters of Education in Social-Emotional Learning at The University of Washington, Tacoma. Since pursuing teaching in the early 2000s I have taught young children in a variety of settings including private preschool, publicly funded preschool, literacy centers, first grade, and currently kindergarten. In that time I have experienced the vast disparities in these educational settings. I believe this experience may offer a diverse perspective.

I started serving on the board for the Peirce County Chapter of WAEYC in 2013 as a Member-at-large. Since then I have served as a chapter-representative, VP of Public Policy, and currently serving as President. I have also served for one year on the WAEYC governing board as a member-at-large and Membership Chairperson. During my time with WAEYC and Pierce County Chapter, I have enjoyed working on projects such as the  As a Teacher Grows Conference, the Teaching Equity Conference, Power to the Profession, and other small professional development opportunities for early childhood professionals in our communities. I am passionate about providing high-quality and culturally responsive professional development for all members of our community. 

It brings me great joy to work on these projects; however, the most rewarding aspects of my service has been spent building relationships with the incredible network of early childhood professionals in Washington state while out in the community. I very much enjoy spending time engaging with people throughout the ECE profession and hearing their stories. I would like to commit my time with WAEYC to building membership and community that fosters equity, accessibility, and advocacy for young children, their families, and the professionals that serve them
Mike Browne
WAEYC Member at Large